Maine Coast Family Camp

Every day is a new adventure for both kid and adult campers during our week-long overnight camp. Days are spent exploring the iconic Maine coast while afternoons and evenings find the excitement of camp and comforts of home at our sustainable River Bend Farm campus.

Every day is a new adventure for families during a week-long overnight camp. From discovering sea creatures in tide pools along the rock-bound coast and mucking in salt marshes along the shore, to watching waves crash on sand beaches, this camp is fun (and educational!) for all ages. Mornings are filled with discovery in Maine’s diverse coastal ecosystems—beaches, tide pools, and salt marshes—through activities designed to engage all ages and guided by experienced Educators. In the afternoon, young campers have many “camp” activities to choose from including arts and crafts, kayaking, and outdoor skills lessons! Adult campers can join in or choose to spend time on their own, reading a book by the river, socializing with other community members, exploring the miles of trails throughout the property—finding an activity they most enjoy. Evenings will include camp fires, star gazing, and guided night hikes.

Everyone will be treated to farm-fresh, local, and nutritious foods during family-style meals, and comfortable accommodations during rest hours, housed in our new Living Building dining commons and dormitory. Grandparents and grandchildren, aunts and nephews, uncles and nieces, parents and children, friends and neighbors are all invited to come live and learn together at River Bend Farm.