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School partners from around the United States choose our deeply immersive and experiential ecosystem-based programs that empower students in elementary and middle-school to discover the inner workings of the world around them and their connection to it. Exploration and investigation are conducted in the greatest classroom imaginable, the outdoors. 

Our approach to curriculum development and impactful teaching strategies is rooted in the science of ecology, the study of how organisms (plants, animals, and people) and the environment are connected. In addition to the natural teaching tools abundant in our outdoor classrooms, original educational materials, including The ABCs of Ecology and The Ecology School’s Field Guide, provide our professional staff with resources to guide students through hands-on activities in field ecology and skills-building lessons to identify environmental narratives, or “read” the landscape. We incorporate play and storytelling into our programs through skits, games, songs, and a cast of unforgettable characters (Doc Rock, Lil’ Suzie, Funky Fungus, Dude on the Mountain, and more!) so students laugh as they learn. 

It’s not just what [the educators] teach, but that [the students] retain it because of how you teach it.
— Jenn, 5th Grade Teacher, NH

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Lessons incorporate skits, stories, and games. Click here to learn a little more about them!