EcosySTEM Multi-Year Programs


EcosySTEM™  is an opportunity for schools to provide a yearly experience for their students with The Ecology School beginning as early as Kindergarten and graduating in 7th or 8th grade with a capstone Residential Program.

Field trips to ecosystems, nature-based classrooms, school outreach programs, and an overnight stay at our campus use the outdoor learning environment as a setting for application of ESTEM (Environment, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills. Our innovative instructional format provides a spiraling approach to acquisition of science skills which support comprehensive content knowledge and skills application through authentic field experiences. 

EcosySTEM’s delivery method supports a Proficiency Based Learning model (also known as performance-based, or standards-based learning). Proficiency Based Learning is predicated on students being able to demonstrate what they have learned, whether through performance-based assessments (e.g project portfolios) or other embedded assessments. These types of skills are considered essential for success in school, college, professional careers, and adult life, and are the foundation of our teaching methodology. Students require these skills, often times as graduation requirements—skills ranging from the collection of data and the use of measurement tools, to using the process of inquiry to ask questions and design solutions. EcosySTEM is an inquiry-based learning model providing meaningful opportunities to learn, explore, apply, and assess.

I really want to try really, really hard in science now!
— 6th grade student, MA

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To learn more about how EcosySTEM can enrich the curriculum of classrooms at your school, please contact Meg Edstrom Jones, Director of Educational Partnerships.