Inspiring Young Scientists and Songwriters

Nature has long been an inspiration for singers and song writers. The trend continues as students from MRSD in New Hampshire wrote and performed an environmental education themed song for TES Educators. 

The Dining Hall is always buzzing with Educators performing original songs and parodies of popular tunes, but last week the tables were turned as the students and teachers from Monadnock Regional School District in New Hampshire created a rockin' jam as they bid farewell to their time at Ferry Beach! (To the beat of Camila Cabello's "Havana.") Click here to see the performance on video! 

“Ferry Beach ooh na-na-na 
Half of my heart is still in Saco ooh-na-na 
Don't take me way back to New Hampshire ooh-na-na 
Half of my heart is still in Saco 
I love the seacoast system Ferry Beach ooh na-na-na 
We wanted to go to the tide pools today 
Even with the wind everything will be okay 
Looking for barnacles you can do it 
Periwinkles, snails, and sand dollars yeah 
We got the feeling like ooh-ooh-ooh 
We knew it when we came here 
We knew we'd have a great time 
Got me feelin' like ooh-ooh-ooh 
We have to thank the educators 
Thank you SO MUCH! Ooh-na-na-na-na”

Arielle Walrath