FOAM Around the World: ABC’s of Ecology Travels to the Philippines

Email from Kelsey Madison, Educator Spring Term 2017

“Since April, I have been back in the Phillipines working for an organization called People and the Sea. I really had such a great experience working at The Ecology School and a lot has carried over into my job here. I am working as the site manager for People and the Sea, which is a marine conservation NGO working with the local community on the tiny island of Malapascua. My job is to make sure all operations run smoothly and general overseeing of all programs.

The ABC’s of Ecology has made the long journey with me here and is commonly referred to. We teach a Grade 5 environmental class that covers a lot of composting, gardening, waste management, and marine science. I also do a ton of composting and TES was one of the first places that I actively participated in the composting process. Now, I help manage the regular monitoring of over 150 families on the island and 12 large businesses who all compost. Who would have thought that leading groups of middle-school-aged kids would be so applicable to managing adult volunteers; teaching them how to properly segregate their waste, wash dishes, be the drivers of their own learning… and the list goes on.

Really, HUGE THANKS TO TES! I am very grateful for the huge impact you had on me. The point where I am in my life right now- I wouldn’t be here without you. I continue to be inspired by the work you’re doing and truly hope to be able to come work for TES again someday soon.”

Caitlin BrookeFOAM