Songs that Teach! "Decomposin'"

Meal time at The Ecology School is not only healthy, it's educational and entertaining! Our in-house entertainers liven up the end of many meals with a song or skit, incorporating food systems education topics into the theme.  A new song by Spring 2019 Educator Eric Walton made its debut to the tune of “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty. 

 I’m an FBI, Fungus Bacteria
And Invertebrates, we all decompose
We breakdown, dead things to soil
Spread nutrients, all ‘round the world

Give me, all of your fruit peels
And vegetables, you don’t want to eat
Give me, what we can compost
And we’ll break it down, and the cycle will be complete

Cause we’re De’
Cause we’re De’

Check the topsoil, to see the end product
Its nutrient rich, just what trees need
Check the topsoil, to see what happens
When decomposers, find a bunch of dead leaves