An Educator's Perspective: Why Did I Come Back to Teach at The Ecology School?


Written by Gabby Brodek, 2nd term Educator

We tell the students, the first day they are here, to make the best of their stay at The Ecology School. They are advised to be open to trying new things and to have a positive attitude. For many students they are unaware that the experience ahead of them will be a pivotal moment in their lives, just like it was for me.

There are two major reasons I chose to return to The Ecology School (TES): the content and presentation of information we teach students, and the community. As educators, it is our job to help students establish the foundations for observing, asking questions, and exploring our surroundings. That growth can look different in each student, but when those "light bulb” moments happen, they are monumental. Whether it's a 3rd grader identifying a Great Blue Heron with a field guide at the salt marsh or a 6th grader asking if we can compare the percolation rate in various ecosystems, it's amazing to be able to facilitate that type of learning. Being able to encourage that behavior, share the excitement, and challenge them to expand their ideas, makes working here a privilege. I believe the range of lessons we offer are unique, but it is the emphasis on curiosity and understanding how an individual plays a role in ecology, that allows TES to stand out. Even more importantly, it does not matter where you come from or what your background is, TES allows each student to be successful.

As for the community, it may be something you have to come and experience for yourself. The magic that is TES does not happen by accident but is driven by individuals who work tirelessly towards educating the decision makers of the future.

Caitlin BrookeFOAM