An Educator's Perspective: Learning the Ropes and Finding Community

Written by Alli Keith, 1st Term Educator (and Former TES Student!)

Teaching at The Ecology School has been such a joy. I wasn't sure how I would feel about only having students for a couple of days before a new batch of students came in and, to be honest, it is Week 7 and I am still not sure how I feel about it. I find that I am fond of every group of students that| get and that the relationships built here are amazing! I have also learned so much about teaching and about myself as a teacher because I have had so many students come through that are all different and unique. With every new group of students, I get anxious about being able to give each of them an amazing experience and have them learn and fall in love with the environment. Every Monday afternoon all of the other Educators are there for me and each other sharing advice and listening to each other's excitement about the upcoming week.

This place really is magical because as an Educator we are a part of a larger team and everyone is there for each other to share in each individual student's and staff's success! We eat our meals together, teach together, be silly together. We felt like a community within the first couple of weeks and the bonds are only getting stronger. I am no longer nervous about having a new batch of kiddos showing up each week, but rather what I am going to do this winter without my TES family!

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