A FOAMer and a Virginian Walk into a School: The Ecology School Hires New Program Assistant and Development Associate

In late summer The Ecology School welcomed Mallory Durkee as our new Program Assistant and Lucas Schrage as our new Development Associate. One is a familiar face to The Ecology School as a former Educator and the other is a fresh-face to Maine.  Welcome Mallory and Lucas!

Mallory shares her experience with showing kids, who live close to certain ecosystems, about some of the nature-based magic right in their own backyard.

 Mallory Durkee jumped on board The Ecology School Express for the Fall 2016, Spring 2017, and Spring/Fall 2018 terms as an Educator. Her excellence with students coupled with her positive and patient demeanor led to her promotion to Lead Educator in her final term, Fall 2018. While the position of Program Assistant did come up once when she was an Educator, Mallory felt she hadn’t had her fill of teaching yet, so she continued to gain more experience “in the field.” After her final term, Mallory helped around the office with administrative work, always being reliable and efficient at every task she was handed. After some time away from The Ecology School, we got her back when the Program Assistant job opened again!

Mallory says she’s now ready to move from working with students to becoming a resource to teachers and Educators. She, along with Amalie Sonneborn, our Program Manager, will be the boots on the ground at Poland Spring Resort, our interim site, running the day-to-day operations of our Residential Programs. Her experience as a four-term Educator as well as her time working in the administrative offices gives Mallory a well-rounded background to bring with her into the Program Assistant role. Mallory is excited to become part of The Ecology School’s Program Team, “I’m really grateful to be able to work closely with an empowering group of strong women leaders who are dedicated to what they do and committed to fostering a comfortable work space to grow, learn, and ask questions.” Click here to read Mallory’s full bio.


Lucas Schrage decided it was time to move away from the hub-bub of Washington, D.C. and find a more meaningful way to make an impact and try out living in a new state. The Ecology School’s mission resonates with Lucas as, in the back of his mind while living in the city, he always knew the importance of living a sustainable lifestyle and being part of a movement to bring this to more people.

Growing up in Florida, Lucas was always fascinated with the world around him. The Everglades were at the edge of his community, beckoning exploration and discovery from a young boy. Lucas’ parents were immigrants who moved to the United States to become a part of the opportunities this country offered to its citizens. The opportunity for their children to be curious about the world around them and to be guided by instinct to forge a path in life, was one that Lucas does not take for granted. He knew that the “work” of living a life of positive impact was not completed for him by his parents just by moving to the United States. For Lucas, the daily grind on the commuter train ride into D.C. was time to contemplate a big life change and to decide to follow his heart in becoming part of environmental change on a deeper level at The Ecology School. Click here to ready Lucas’ full bio.

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